Entertainment to ‘The Tenth’ power

The Exceptional Men of the Talented Tenth are known around campus for providing entertaining events for college students to engage in. However, ‘The Tenth’ is not always about blind date games.

‘The Tenth’ will be educating SHSU students in their program, Leadership 101. This program is designed to to help students become leaders on campus as well as in their community.

In addition to this event, ‘The Tenth’ will be hosting “Return of Black Athena.”

“Athena” is a program designed to inform students about black history facts that have been left out of the majority of history curriculum.

“We think this event is perfect for Black History Month and we encourage everyone to attend,” said Will Preyer, a ‘Tenth’ Representative. “Our purpose for this event, like all events we throw, is to educate the masses.”

‘The Tenth’ feels that it is imperative for all people to know their history and background. As an organization, they feel that they are primarily obligated to throw a pertinent event during Black History Month.

The speaker for ‘Athena’ is Rev. Stephen Sargent. Sargent is the visionary of ‘The Tenth.’ He has been studying the topic for years and has held the same workshop many times before.

Since a majority of the members are African Americans ‘The Tenth’ feel it is necessary for not only themselves, but for everyone to know of the importance of Black History Month.

‘The Tenth’s’ philosophy comes from Dr. W.E.B Dubois who had a great influence on the black culture and community.

“A good amount of the campus would not be here at Sam Houston without the sacrifices that were made by African Americans and some do not know,” said Preyer. “History is a precious thing and it must not be forgotten. Not only is it Black History, it is American History.

Leadership 101 will take place today in the Lee Drain Building at 7 p.m. in room 214, and ‘Athena’ will take place on Feb. 21 at 7 p.m.

During the Diversity Leadership Conference on Feb. 24th, The Talented Tenth will be facilitating a “Wille Lynch Letter” workshop. The letter was written by a Caucasian man during slavery and offers advice on how to keep blacks enslaved for hundreds of years.

“Black Athena was one of the realest lessons I learned in the Tenth,” said Olumayowa Famakinwa. “I wish I could make it but if people go in with their ears and minds open, lives and attitudes can be changed.”

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