This was Black History Month?

February is almost over, which is sad because Black History Month took quite a loss this year.

It seems as though every milestone we accomplished was one-upped by just about anyone. Things began on a promising note: four days into February, Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts became the first African-American head coach to win a Super Bowl; a huge accomplishment for our people.

On the very same day, Chicago Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith became the first African-American coach to lose a Super Bowl. Not quite as prestigious, but an accomplishment nonetheless.

These are the kinds of events one would expect to receive a lot of media attention.

Which they would have, but the very next day, an astronaut by the name of Lisa Nowak decided to strap on a space-diaper (astronauts wear specially designed diapers during launch and re-entry) and drive 900-miles to allegedly kidnap a co-worker.

Makes you wonder what kind of gas her car runs on; I bet it’s some top-secret NASA space gas that gets 900-miles to the gallon.

I want some NASA gas.

It was fascinating, but I wanted to see more on Dungy and Smith, who, in my opinion, became yesterday’s news a bit prematurely.

As the astronaut buzz began to die down, and I imagined things would go back to being about Black History, Anna Nichole Smith popped up dead in a hotel. As three individuals fought for custody of her new baby; four individuals fought for custody of her dead body.

How is Harriet Tubman supposed to compete with a story like that?

I wonder if anyone would fight for custody of my dead body.

Probably not. But maybe, if I had swallowed a diamond or something.

I had given up on Black History Month, but then Barack Obama officially announced his candidacy for the 2008 presidential election.

Not to be outdone, a fallen pop-princess would shave her head completely clean the following week, yanking the spotlight away from Obama and his political stride.

How selfish.

George Washington Carver may have discovered three hundred uses for the peanut, but even in February, a bald-headed celebrity still gets top billing.

This month has been marked by an accomplishment immediately followed by an overshadowing tragedy; better luck next year, I guess.

By the way, both Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson won Academy Awards Sunday night; so I am fully expecting Robert Downey Jr. to die sometime before Thursday.

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