Till death do us part…

In the past, the institution of marriage was one of the most sacred social units. Human beings could not have survived without some sort of family or kinship. But there seems to have been a shift in domestic relations deeming it relatively unnecessary for an individual to enter into a marriage or even create a family.

My dissertation came to me while I was watching MTV’s ‘Engaged and Underage.’ Most people find it difficult to believe that people who are barely of legal age can take marriage seriously. I find it difficult to believe that anyone takes marriage seriously, much less teenagers.

Then I came to think that the reason why people are becoming less concerned with the thought of marriage and creating a family is because there is no need for that kind of communal existence anymore.

Depending on others after a certain age is not necessary for survival like it was in the past. It doesn’t make sense to have a family when someone is perfectly capable of surviving by himself or herself in this day and age.

History tells us that in the past, women and men were dependent on each other for a number of reasons.

Women were dependent on their husbands for a place to live, as well as a stable income of resources. Men needed women to provide them with children. They also needed someone to take care of the family and household.

The role of women has changed dramatically in the past few decades, which has naturally affected familial relations. Now, a woman is capable of finding a job and supporting herself without the help of a man.

The gender roles that modern society is pressuring men and women to fulfill are driving the sexes further apart. Getting married (once) and having children with just one person is looking more and more unattractive.

Another reason marriage is becoming less important in our society is because people are becoming less invested in each other, and more invested in their careers.

It is normal for men and women to wait until they are at least 30-years-old to marry because of the field they chose to go into. Thirty years ago, however, it was uncommon for one not to marry, almost taboo. But the fast-paced jobs that are available now make it hard to commit to another person.

The divorce rate in this country is proof enough that people are becoming unhappy with the institution of marriage.

As a product of a divorced family, I am probably somewhat biased in thinking that there is no point in getting married and having a family. I don’t understand why people look forward to a family unit that will probably fall apart in the future anyway.

I am also probably a prime example as to why having a stable family doesn’t necessarily have a negative effect on the productivity of a person like me in society. Being a child of divorced parents is almost becoming the “norm.”

I don’t think I am alone in my thought process either. There are a lot of people in a situation similar to mine that feel having a stable foundation within a family is somewhat overrated.

I am interested to see how this trend will continue. Choosing to hold off on marriage for a while or even abstaining from marriage completely is now acceptable within the confides of modern society.

Will co-habitation possibly replace marriage in the long run? Or will the beliefs of those who still support marriage be strong enough to save us from a division in this country that has already caused so much confusion?

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