Noir Couture prepares to give fashion statement

High fashion graces SHSU as the Zeta Phi Beta sorority holds the Noir Couture fashion show this evening. The show, held at Austin Hall at 7:20 p.m., is also sponsored by the Program Council and Noir Couture.

In previous years, the Noir Couture clothing line has held fashion shows in Huntsville, but this is the first time the Program Council has been involved. According to the Program Council’s Laurie Orlando, both Noir Couture and Zeta Phi Beta approached the Program Council about hosting the event.

Orlando said, “They wanted to make their show bigger and better and the Program Council exists to assist other student organizations.”

Tuesday’s fashion show is an exhibition, to the community, of 25 new outfits designed by Noir Couture, a Huntsville-based fashion house. Noir Couture’s CEO, Willie Dean, is a mass communications student at SHSU.

Dean also serves as Creative Director and Lead Designer. He designed the 25 outfits that will be featured in the fashion show.

Cassie Salimi, of the Program Council, said, “Willie Dean does a lot of work in Houston and he’s a really good designer.”

Guests attending the event, starting at 7:00 p.m., will arrive at the Austin Hall’s main entrance, which faces the Pit. A red carpet will lead to the entrance.

For more information about the fashion show at Austin Hall, contact the Program Council’s Sarah Sendel at (936) 294-1763.

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