Till sex we will part…

Ms. Gleason, in her article last Thursday, gives a perspective on society’s growing dissatisfaction with marriage. Ms. Gleason describes how marriage is no longer necessary for a persons “productivity” and survival.

The only point of logic that I can really disagree with in the article is that the “divorce rate is proof that people are unhappy with marriage.” The divorce rate proves not that people are not happy with marriage but that people are not good at marriage. Divorce is a failed marriage, not an unattempted marriage.

Ms. Gleason makes claims about marriage and happiness based on what she sees modern society doing, but I do not wish to ask this divorcing, pill-popping society about marriage or happiness. They are not good at either being happy or married. She is correct about the trend. People really are more focused on their careers. It really is becoming the norm for people to come from a divorced family. But the tone of the article is depressing.

I agree that marriage is no longer necessary in this society and I will go further to say that no society ever needed marriage to survive. But this is exactly my argument for marriage. Marriage is unnecessary just as dessert or road trips are unnecessary. It makes life all the more exciting and romantic. ‘Till death do us part” used to be a daring phrase meant for suicidal lovers. Now it is the title of a depressing article about people here to merely “survive.”

It is my claim that co-habitation is merely an unromantic and can only become more romantic by becoming more like marriage. Love stories become more beautiful as the lovers dependency grows not there independence.

I suppose co-habitation could replace marriage in the future. I am sure that all our children of divorce will not lose their precious and American “productivity” and independence. I bet even now that the man and woman go to their separate jobs (so she is not dependent on his), take their paychecks to separate accounts, and even walk in the house through separate doors. The man might eat his own food (so he is not dependent on hers). They might separate everything, but as the evening comes to a close I bet the couple of co-habitation will share the same bed. Then from marriage and its beautiful wholeness they will get merely a pieceor rather they will merely “get a piece.”

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