Survivor: Spring Break

An event entitled “Survivor: Spring Break” took place in the LSC mall area yesterday. The event was sponsored by Recreational Sports, and was targeted at students heading off for Spring break. Other organizations involved in the event include AAI, (the Alcohol Abuse Initiative), the Bacchus Peer Education Network and representatives from the Student Health Center.

“Our goal is to help students make decisions that will help them have a safer Spring Break,” Michelle Lovering, Student Health Center representative, said. “Most students are just going to spend their Spring Breaks sleeping in, and catching up on homework and projects. However, there are some students that chose to participate in risky behaviors. We see the consequences of those choices every year after Spring Break, and we’re trying to prevent them this year.”

The display not only informed students about alcohol amounts, but also had condoms for sale at a rate of ten for $2, and free samples of sun block on the conjoining table, also sponsored by Recreational Sports.

“If we can educate the students a little bit before they go, maybe they’ll make wiser decisions,” Lovering said. “We want to encourage them to still eat healthy and exercise during the break, just like they would normally.”

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