Something I really hoped to enjoy was the weekend before Spring Break officially started because this year’s break meant surgery, pain, and delirium for me. So, I drove up to the University of Texas at Dallas to see my best friend, Zach, and we planned on going skating at midnight. Once it was Sunday, and after our perilous descent down a flight of stairs on skates, we were off.

It was not important where we went because we went everywhere. We skated on streets that would usually be plagued with cars, that freedom and solitude was important to us.

Two falls and as many miles later we ended up standing in a field, off to the side of an abandoned car wash, sharing a bag of Doritos, Zach drinking a Coca-Cola out of a glass bottle (the only way to drink it). However, as we were talking about bad chip flavors and, some random guy in a passing car yelled, “Get a job!”

He must like Pepsi.

Seriously though, my first reaction was confusion, as I had my back to the road. Zach’s was anger because he had two jobs in addition to school. He was facing the road and could see the guy hanging out of the backseat window, yell, and quickly retreat into the car. It was not the fact that the guy yelled, but not one thing we were doing warranted anyone to comment on our current career status.

Oh, and by the way, it was 2:34 a.m., so odds of us going out and getting a job were pretty slim.

And that was not the only time something like that happened. Many other people, as we continued to skate, or stood on the median of roads waiting to cross, either honked or yelled something to the effect of “Idiots!”

But why, you may ask, am I making such a big deal of this? Sticks and stones, right? Well, we intentionally went at night to try and avoid other people. Unfortunately, all we found were people eager to display their anonymous animosity.

I cannot say I was surprised, but it does make one wonder why they even bother to do anything at all? I wonder if they even know why they make loud noises at strangers. It might be the one cathartic release within their insipid lives. Or are they so displeased with their own life that they cannot help but bring others down with them?

Maybe they should try opening a glass coke bottle sometime.

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