In repair

Any time I hear the vintage tales of the “good old days” I get a warm feeling on the inside.

A loving husband kisses his wife on the cheek before he heads out to meet his friends on a sepia toned, Saturday afternoon. He smiles as he waves goodbye to his wife of 25 years. The love of his life, his first marriage and certainly the only woman he’s slept with.

This man enters the diner to chat with his friends. There is no distraction of cell phones going off, or iPods drowning out the conversation. It is nothing but good men having decent conversation.

After his friends all leave, the loving husband decides to drink down a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. This man is not troubled by the threat of terrorism, nor does he give a thought to the increasing US casualties in Iraq.

The warm feeling I previously mentioned, is a blood vessel rupturing in my brain, causing severe nerve damage. It is claimed that the sanctity of marriage has been under attack in the recent years because of the staggering divorce rate as well as gay marriage. People despise the liberal media for reducing things like love, sex and marriage to nothing but words on a script.

Allow me to illuminate the often-missed parts of our nostalgic recollection.

The loving wife smiles and waves back out of necessity. It won’t matter if he cheats on her or beats her nightly. The couple stays married and for all intents and purposes, preserves this sanctity of marriage, but she stays with him because she needs to, not because she wants to.

The husband entered the tranquil diner, having paid no more attention to the ‘whites only’ sign, than he did the one indicating ‘no pets.’ That is simply a fact of life to him; the way things should be.

The opened newspaper does not bring tales of misery to this man, because the media did not hold the government accountable for its actions. That is why today, 3,500 US casualties in Iraq provides a bigger headline now, then the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did back then.

I believe that if one out of two marriages end in divorce now, it is a better indicator that marriage is still upheld today. That is to say, the other one in two marriages exist because of love and devotion, rather than the necessity it once did. The liberal media has reduced sex, love and marriage to nothing but words, and at the same time, they now hold the government accountable for its actions and fight against things like McCarthyism.

And even though we do our best to cut ourselves off from people with cell phones and iPods, we are also a much more tolerant people than we ever were “back in the good old days.”

I do not claim that we are a perfect people, just that we are better than we were, and so there is no sense in wishing for what was. As Our Lady Peace says, “we’re always in repair.”

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