International Studies

For the next week, Sam Houston State University will be presenting speakers each day to promote International Studies.

International Studies week is a program geared towards students who wish to open their minds and field of study to include the study of other countries.

On Monday afternoon, Dr. Paul Garcia, Professor Emeritus of Saint Louis University and Director of International Studies, spoke to a small group of students and faculty on the importance of International Studies and having a fulfilling life.

“Anything you learn, not related to your life is full of emptiness,” Garcia said. “You will pass an exam; look for a job, and then what? What did you discover about your life?”

Requirements to be apart of the International Studies Program include: a high school GPA of 3.5 or higher, graduate college with a 3.0 over four years, must posses the ability to speak, write and know a foreign language, go abroad for one semester and chose another major (meaning, and International Studies student will hold a double major).

Students who wish to be in this program must double major in one of the following: business, mathematics, medicine, history or engineering.

International Week last from March 26- April 1, 2007. With presenters and speakers gathering during the week from all over the globe, everything from art to dancing will be covered. For more information, please call the International Student Organization at (936)714-3303.

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