Meg & Dia, genuine smiles & style

The first impressive fact was that even though the band is named after the sisters, they wanted to make sure that the other members were seen as equals. They talked highly of their band mates Carlo Gimenez (Guitar), John Snyder (bass) and Nick Price (drums).

“Nick Price is the backbone of Meg & Dia,” said Meg. “We’d be dust without him.”

The Utah natives represent a small fraction of female artists who rock well, and fall into the more miniscule category of Asian artists. The sisters often have had to deal with male bands that change the way they act because of their sex.

“One time this guy from a band was humping an amp, and his friends told him to stop because there were girls around,” said Meg. “I don’t want to be treated differently because I’m of a different gender.”

Meg also noticed that there was an increase in the number of “little” Asian kids showing up for their shows. She asked a fan about it and he said that it was because there is not another sister Asian duo around.

Ethnicities aside, Meg & Dia come from two unique slants in musical background to create their sound. Meg was influenced by the Top 40 charts and writes the songs on their album from books that she reads. Authors like John Steinbeck and George Sand are some writers that she has been inspired by. Dia like many artists went through a lot of musical phases and was heavily influenced by country and yodeling. But she found her main attraction in the styles of Broadway.

“Broadway is something that I am always going to love,” said Dia.

After the discussion on their prized band mates and being female Korean Americans, we moved into the mangled varicose vein of music as a whole. It was from this topic that Meg & Dia’s rare humble artistic prowess shined through.

When asked about her musical accomplishments, Meg said that she thinks she hasn’t done music. She then enlightened me to how music goes back to classic composers like Mozart and Beethoven and how their innovations could not be touched. Though Meg, 21, and Dia ,19, are still blossoming, they have an assertive outlook on their career.

“We’re very genuine. We know exactly where we are. It’s a growing process,” said Meg.

The growth process for Meg and Dia includes the possibility of their next album early next year and Meg’s desires as an artist.

“I want to be able to have skills in my fingers and ability in my mind,” said Meg.

The interview was winding down and I asked them what I should expect from the oncoming show.

“Every night is completely different. Sometimes, like today, we all haven’t been around each other so we’re not connected,” said Meg. “I feel contemplative. It will be an energetic show.”

I took my place by in front of the barricade when they took the stage and focused my ears and lens as Meg & Dia rocked the room to rubble. Though their voices were ‘snuggles’ soft in conversation, when they hit the stage it was all intensity and stage presence.

The same talented spectacle of female ‘rockism’ that I witnessed is equally captivating on their latest album, ‘Something Real.’

Meg & Dia had the crowd’s hearts but offered inspiring words to those fans that desire to stand in their shoes.

“First of all, take a lot of professional lessons. Don’t get on stage and make a fool of yourself,” said Dia. “Never stop. Work on it day-by-day.”

“Don’t get too intimidated by artists that you see,” Meg added. “If you try, it’s easy.” Visit for more info.

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