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The largest bookstore chain in the country recently honored John Creed, Manager at the university bookstore with the Campus Outreach Award.

The Campus out reach program, formed my Barns and Noble is a program that stores participate in to build relationships with customers on college campus’.

“There are five territories within the United States, and a store manager is chosen for the award from every territory,” Creed said. “This award is given to a manager who has shown progress on campus.”

As the University Bookstore is a partner with SHSU, there are some 600 other campus bookstores like the one found on campus.

“Our sales have been really good this year,” Creed said. “We are in the top 25 sales increase out of 600 stores.”

While Creed is not sure what other benefits come from receiving such award, for now he has a plaque to hang on the wall in recognition for his hard work and the hard work of his employees.

Barnes and Noble is the largest specialty retailer in the United States with its headquarters located in New York City.

The corporation also owns Bookstop, Bookstar and B. Dalton Booksellers chains.

Wikipedia.com states that as of January 31, 2004, the company owns 840 stores with in the United States and plans to open 30-35 new stores every year.

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