Top-seed dominance leads to bouts of extreme bracket woes

So this year’s NCAA Tournament is three games from over, and within the first week of watching, I wanted to stick a hot fork in my eye.

Last year, I came in second place in my work pool, even picking most of those upsets. No, I didn’t have Cinderella-team George Mason, in the final four, but most of the other games I won.

This year, very little upsets have occurred, and we have two #1 seeds and two #2 seeds make it to the finale. How did my bracket turn out this time? Simply put, I set fire to it and threw it away within the first week of play.

Starting out, everything looked fine. I was pumped about my picks. I had paid close attention all season long, and was sure I was a shoe-in to rightfully predict the end. I even took the time out to fill out the Facebook bracket, and as a back-up plan, made my sister log in so I could pick different scenarios for hers.

The first week starts, #11 VCU defeats #6 Duke and I am ecstatic. One of my upset picks is successful. Yet that is soon cancelled out by #6 Notre Dame losing to #11 Winthrop, followed by #11 George Washington losing to #6 Vanderbilt.

What have I learned at this point? I hate #6 and #11 seeds.

Then, seeing as how there is always a #5 seed ousted by a #12 seed, I went with Long Beach State over Tennessee. Once Tennessee won that by 35, I knew I probably wasn’t in the clear with this.

Second round begins.

Lets say ‘hypothetically’ I put $30 on Ohio State to win over Xavier with a 7.5 point spread. Driving back to Huntsville from the Woodlands, I was listening to the game on the radio. Ohio State comes back from an 11-point deficit to take it to overtime. I scream to myself in my car. The Buckeyes then take a 9-point lead with two seconds to go. I can’t think straight. Xavier runs down the court then, makes a lay-up with no time remaining, and Ohio State wins by 7. I was a half of a point away from doubling my money, and in a rage ended up almost landing my car in a ravine.

I know what you are thinking right now:

1) Where is there a ravine in this part of Texas and 2) I thought this was all hypothetical.

The point is, within the next two weeks I lost two of my final four teams in Texas and Kansas, and have fallen too far behind to catch up in the pool. Meanwhile, my sister’s ‘play-along’ bracket’ is in second place.

I still have Ohio State left, but I have placed a curse on the Buckeyes for letting that lay-up happen in the Xavier game.

Now, if you will excuse me, they are fitting me for a straight jacket.

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