KP; student, rapper, overcomer

KP didn’t start off as an artist. His tale in the music business starts back during his high school years as a DJ.

“I started doing it when DJ Screw was coming up,” said KP.

KP looked up to Screw, Tupac, Z-Ro, Pimp C and embraces southern hip-hop as a whole.

KP blossomed into mixtapes that displayed his skills. After the mixtape circuit, he built his own label. While he was still in school, he started Slowed-N-Throwed Entertainment and began to give other artists like Mike Rippa a chance to showcase their talent.

When he came to SHSU he had just been through a rough time in his life and was undergoing reconstruction. He began to use his past experiences to make good music. KP found a big part what he needed when he joined Phi Delta Theta where he was able to regain his focus and press on.

Since coming to Huntsville, KP and the Slowed-N-Throwed family have gotten their singles into rotation at the clubs and have done several gigs in Killeen and Austin. KP gets a personal satisfaction from using his stage presence as a tool, and wants his music to touch people personally and spiritually.

“We like to branch out into a lighter audience with the club songs, but we try to keep things level headed,” said KP. “My songs are more influential, and I want to open peoples eyes from past experiences. I want to let people know that you can come out of the stuff that happens to you.”

KP’s enterprise has grown exponentially just like he did in high school. In addition to Slowed-N-Throwed KP has created KP Productions to handle the graphic design aspects and PopTrunk Distribution to promote the artists through the use of street teams. KP says these branches were added so that all of the work that needs to be done can be done “in house.”

“We’re not trying to branch out to any big name because we’re trying to build our own name,” said KP.

The next move for Slowed-N-Throwed is to slow down so that all of the artists can get their albums finished. After that the focus will be to push all of the albums with full force and spread out to Dallas and Oklahoma.

KP Productions works in association with LS, Obediah and Z-Labs Productions to create a machine that is geared toward success. From being a Phi Delt he has made connection with Beau LaGrande. LaGrande is an alumnus that works with Paramount Pictures and is now working with KP to make his first music video.

KP’s first album, “A Star is Born” will shoot into stores in the next month. He says that aspiring artists should always follow their dreams and not let people tell them they can’t do anything. Though business is a primary in the lives of the Slowed-N-Throwed family, they remain humble and look to their faith to endure.

“We keep God first. God is always in the forefront of in everything that happens within us,” said KP.

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