Windows to the soul

The Houstonian has two large windows that face the courtyard behind Austin Hall. We usually have a generous traffic flow in this area, especially around the time classes let out.

The things that people do in front of these windows lend us hours of amusement here at The Houstonian. Thank you.

More importantly, the windows allow us to peek into the world of an average student at SHSU. For the brief moment that someone walks by, we get to see him or her in a genuine state — unprovoked and unaffected.

It is actually rather humbling.

We have those people who simply walk by without a care in the world. They may be on the phone or listening to an mp3 player, on a mission to class or even Belvin. Whatever the escape and wherever they are going, these people seem peaceful with the world around them.

Next, we have people stroll by who are in touch with their narcissistic side. These people find a familiar reflection in our windows, which promptly encourages them to take the time to reapply lip gloss or fix his or her hair. More than likely, there are people in the office when this happens. Even more likely, they will laugh at this person.

Then, of course, there are the people that fail to acknowledge the windows at all. They take that opportunity to do especially embarrassing things in their moment of “privacy,” which, perhaps, is even more satisfying on our part.

One time, we had a young-looking maintenance worker bend over and show us his backside for at least 15 minutes while he completed his work in on of the gardens. We’ve never been more entertained here at The Houstonian.

We’ve witnessed fights between lovers, hugs, kisses, etc. — basically every emotion existent within the confines of a human soul.

There is one situation that we will all especially remember.

Right outside our windows is one of those emergency posts. Some of us were working late one night last semester when we looked up and noticed the blue lights of the post flashing. There was a scared-looking girl speaking to emergency officials below the lights.

In the next few minutes, our imaginations raced while Shawn, Editor-in-Chief at the time, ran outside to make sure everything was ok.

In reality, someone had just injured themselves while skate boarding, but none of us will ever forget the look in that girl’s eyes through the window as we waited to find out what had happened.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, these windows are more than just several inches of glass to us. They are proverbial windows to the soul.

The next time you walk by our windows, or any window for that matter, take a moment to think about what you are conveying to the world. Is that frown reminiscent of past scars or is it just an indication of a bad hair day?

Whatever emotional state you are in, know that there is always someone watching.

It could be us and you could be telling us your story.

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