SHSU student puts name in running for Huntsville city mayor

While most students who graduate cannot wait to get out of town, one Sam Houston State University student says he would like to stay and be the city mayor.

Originally from Richmond, TX, senior criminal justice Major, Doug Curry is running for a chance to be the mayor of Huntsville.

“I was sitting at work and I heard the position was open,” Curry said. “I talked to my buddies about it and I decided to run for mayor.”

Addressing issues such as: more venues and a two hour extension of the bar curfew, Curry would also like to see more businesses come to town.

“I’d like to see more industry come up here like a machinery shop,” Curry said. “Huntsville seems stagnant,” Surry said. “In the five years I have been here, I haven’t seen anything change.”

While many of the citizens who live in Huntsville are not interested in the city becoming another Houston, Curry says he just wants to bring more jobs to the citizens.

“I’d like to bring in more places of business,” Curry said. “There are really no jobs to support citizens here in Huntsville outside of TDCJ.”

Curry feels his chances of winning are probable, if he can get the votes of the students and the young adults of Huntsville.

“The 16-24 year olds put more of their money back into the town,” Curry said. “I have a different perspective of things being that I am a young person living in Huntsville.”

Being a part of the “young’ crowd has benefits for Curry. Campaigning himself not only by word of mouth and signs, Curry also has the help of Facebook and MySpace.

“I have a Facebook group called, ‘Doug Curry for Mayor 2007,’ as well as a MySpace page for my campaign,” Curry said. “Campaigning is pretty expensive, so these groups help.”

While it can be costly to get signs placed around town, Curry says he feels it is worth it.

“It only cost one dollar to get put on the ballot,” Curry said. “But the expenses come when you campaign.”

Curry says students and citizens should be looking for his signs around the city of Huntsville beginning next week. In addition to campaigning, Curry is trying to get students involved by holding times for students to come and get registered to vote.

“Anyone who lives in the city of Huntsville can register to vote,” Curry said. “You just need a proof of residency and a photo ID.”

For those who would like to vote, SHSU will have a booth set up to allow to students to register to vote in room 326 in the LSC.

For those who have already registered and wish to check the status of the registration, please call (936) 436-4959.

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