Letters from your SGA Presidential Candidates

Dear Students,

How many students can name their Student Government Senators? How many students can name the Dean of their college? How many students can name a Vice President of the University?

If you did not have an answer for those questions, you are not alone, myself included (a few people I don’t know yet). The effort to get out the word on matters relating to this University is weak. Sam Houston has great communication resources that are waiting to be used to their potential. As it stands, this University has a student run newspaper, radio, and television station. I am hugely involved in the television aspect, but have many contacts and work on a daily basis with students

involved with the other two.

You may have heard about the struggle the Mass Communication department has gone through. As a student leader in MCM, I must admit there is still a battle being waged. The students are winning. For the second semester in a row, News 7 has gone on LIVE, two nights a week without faculty involvement. We have the means, but do we have the will?

I say yes. My administration will make it a priority to use all communications available to us for the promotion and to spread information to students. This means keeping up with the BlackBoard group, maintaining the SGA website, having meetings broadcast on KSHU-7 and FM 90.5 and articles in the Houstonian. Outside of those mediums, fliers, signs, billboards, electronic signs, and events

promoting SGA will act as a conduit for information.

Sam Houston State University sits on the edge of becoming a truly remarkable campus (more so than it is now). Student Government should be the forefront of this movement and students should be excited.

It is a great time to be a Bearkat!

Eat’em UP!!!

Michael Oder

Presidential Candidate

Dear Bearkats,

Let me begin by stating it’s been an honor to serve as your president for the past year. I wanted to talk to you today about what makes my campaign different from my opponents. It’s simple really: other candidates can talk a good game, but I can show you results.

Last year I stated that I wanted to work heavily with the legislature. I’ve kept my word and I have the pictures to prove it. I’ve testified on textbook prices and on saving the name of our university. If you look at my Facebook profile, you’ll see me and my team mates speaking before the House Higher Education Committee. By the time you read this, House Bill 1418, which will protect the name of the university, will be well on its way to getting a vote on the House Floor. I don’t just talk about fighting for you, I HAVE fought for you.

Last year I stated that SGA should be working more closely with the city. I didn’t just talk about it, my teammates and I did it. As Student Body President I was named a member of Huntsville’s Comprehensive Planning Committee and was able to interject student concerns into every level of city planning. Under my tenure, SGA hosted a town hall meeting that brought students, faculty, staff, residents, and city officials to talk about issues between the campus and the university. SGA has not always worked this close with the city, but this year we changed that. I don’t just talk about fighting for you, I HAVE fought for you.

The work is not over yet. As an advocacy organization the work of the student government is never done. Huntsville’s downtown could be promoted as an entertainment district, public transportation is still needed, and the university is still has its growing pains. As the most diverse organization on campus, Student Government could play a major part in unifying the campus. There are more things I’d like to see done, (and you can see those on the facebook group), but if you remember nothing else from this letter remember this. The difference between myself and the other candidates is that while they talk about what they want to do, I can show you what I’ve done. I’ve fought for you before and I’ll fight for you again.

Please support my team and I in this election as we’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to fight for you.

Christopher Whitaker


Greetings Bearkat Family,

My name is Christopher Yancy and I am currently running for the office of Student Government President. One of the great things about SHSU is it’s passionate leaders. As a member of the Talented Tenth I have been fortunate enough to intern under some of the finest minds in the past few years at this university.

So let’s talk about you, what would you like to see happen during the upcoming school year? The plans I have for SHSU include implementing a permanent shuttle transportation system, unifying student life, and directing attention to under funded departments on campus.

I have been involved in SGA since my freshman year. As the current Rules and Regulations Chairman of SGA I have served on the Student Services Fee Committee and also represented SHSU students during a Financial Aid Seminar with Congressman Brady. These are only a few of my accomplishments but more importantly we have a chance to take the next step together.

This is why I am asking you to vote for Chris Yancy as your 2007-2008 SGA President. Vote online beginning at 8am April 10th-11th, 2007 at the SHSU homepage.

Christopher Yancy

Presidential Candidate

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