On-campus graffiti trend

The Huntsville Police Department has recently become aware of a noticeable trend of on-campus property damage. The mischief has taken place primarily in the form of graffiti, drawn on several different buildings.

On March 31, according to a press release from the University Police Department, an officer was dispatched to Baldwin House in reference to graffiti that had been spray painted on an exterior wall.

Then on April 1, an officer was dispatched to the Lee Drain Building in reference to “criminal mischief,” which also ended up being a piece of graffiti painted on the walkway between the Lee Drain Building and the Farrington Building.

Finally on April 4, while patrolling in the 2300 block of Avenue M, an officer observed that graffiti had been spray painted on a door at Holleman Field, a baseball field currently used for SHSU Club Sports.

According to Captain Kevin Morris of the University Police Department, the graffiti found has included “the anarchy symbol,” and the phrases “This is Art” and “Before I Awake.”

Though these instances have taken place in very close proximity of one another, it is unclear whether or not they are related because there is “no direct evidence” linking the occurrences.

Cases of graffiti in the area have not previously taken place in the same pattern as these cases have.

“Generally, this does not happen all at once,” Morris said. “When it does happen, it’s usually associated with alcohol. People tend to destroy property when they are in an altered state.”

Were suspects found in the case, the punishment involved would vary depending on the cost and amount of damage done to each individual property. However, no charges have been filed because there are no suspects in any of the cases.

“We don’t have camera footage or surveillance, so we really don’t have enough information for a suspect,” Morris said. “Until someone comes forward, we don’t know.”

The costs of removing damages such as these are taken out of the university budget, the account into which tuition fees are paid. The employees of the physical plant also have to work in cleaning up the damage however possible.

For more information, or to keep up with further developments in this trend, go to http://www.shsu.edu/~upd_www/press.html.

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