Workshop offers communication skills

Living in a world that is in constant need of effective communication, the Speech Department and Career Services departments at SHSU are offering a Communications Workshop to teach students how to become effective communicators and get the results they are looking for.

This Wednesday, April 18, from 10-11 a.m., Career Services is hosting an interview workshop in the Career Services Library, to allow students to learn what verbal and non-verbal messages they might be sending to others.

On the same day from 2-4 p.m. in Rm A260, in the Kerper Courtroom, the Speech Communications Department will be hosting and Interactive Panel Discussion with five speakers with careers in business, education and law.

“The intent behind this was to talk to students and show them how communication works in their chosen careers,” Dr. Frances Brandau-Brown said. “We would also like to show the students what our department does and what we can do for them. We feel that this will help students have the needed skills for their career.”

While many students are not sure what the Department of Communications actually does, Brandau-Brown would like to educate students about the department.

“Our department is often misunderstood,” Brandau-Brown said. “What we do is a social science and our goal is to understand behavior. We offer many courses such as non-verbal skills to help with various careers.”

Those who will be speaking include: Ross Wood, Corporate Communications Manager for Capital Certified Development Corporation; Dr. James W. Cain, Superintendent of Klein ISD; Kevin Knight, J.D. of Attorney Knight & Knight; Dr. John Matthews (RET), Major, Harris County Sheriff’s Department; and Caren Shaffer, CME, Senior Vice President, Profiles International.

During the discussion panel beginning at 2 p.m., students will be able to have their questions answered by one of the speakers listed above.

“The first hour and 15 minutes is a question and answer session,” Brandau-Brown said. “We hope to have an interactive conversation.”

Immediately following the interactive discussion will be a reception where students can find information on the Speech Department as well as the Career Services Department. Punch and cookies will also be served.

While the interactive discussion will be focused more on communications in the corporate world, Brandau-Brown says students who are interested in learning about communications with in personal and intimate relationships should take SCM 286-Interpersonal Relationships. Brandau-Brown said this class was recently added to the core hours.

For more information on the Speech Department please log onto For more information about the Career Services Workshop happening this Wednesday, please contact (936) 294-1713.

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