Students fearful of identity crisis

As students get tutored on campus, some find more than math problems on their paper.

While recently being tutored in the math lab, a student turned over his/her sheet of paper to find a list full of student’s Sam ID’s and Social Security numbers on the back. This left the student worried and wondering if he/she could become a victim of identity theft.

“We get our scratch paper from the writing center,” said a math tutor, who wishes to remain anonymous. “On the back of one of the papers we use was a list of 22 names with SSN’s and Sam ID’s.”

After taking the proper measures to insure the safety of the paper, the anonymous math tutor says the papers are now in the hands of their math professors.

“We called a couple of professors and we gave them the papers,” the math tutor said. “We think they shredded it right away.”

Coming to the University’s defense, Secretary of the Writing Center, Ronda Harris, said that Writing Center complies with the University’s policy of no SSN’s on paper.

“After a security briefing last summer, we no longer use SSN’s, we only use Sam ID numbers to keep Identity Fraud down,” Harris said. “It is against the University’s procedures to use SSN, so if it prints off, we automatically white the information out.”

Across campus, when students print out papers, they are allowed to choose which printer they would like to have their paper print at. Harris says that many students accidentally chose the wrong printer, allowing papers with information on it to be printed on the other side of campus, in another building.

“A lot of times we have students who use wrong printers and so we get extra papers here in the Writing Center, so we recycle it,” Harris said. “When the math lab runs out of scratch paper, they come in here and pick up a box.”

While no definite answer of how or why the numbers were on the back, Harris said that only Sam ID numbers are printed on paper, and no personal information can be found by using a Sam ID number.

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