Today is election Tuesday and it comes with some relief and confusion. All the negative campaign ads and November surprises will be a distant memory once a winner is announced and it couldn’t come soon enough after months of political promises. However, with four very different choices for Texas Governor it may be difficult to choose.

I for one voted early on Friday and am still torn between my decisions. The unconventional Kinky Friedman offers nothing more than a ‘Why the hell not?’ alternative, but the other candidates have me asking myself ‘Why the hell should I?’

On the one hand, my vote could do nothing more than take a vote away from the other guy or that could be everyone’s mentality and this election outcome could be the biggest November surprise of them all.

Choosing an appropriate leader in the best interest of the state of Texas is a huge responsibility that I take seriously. I find comfort in knowing that I at least did my part in going to the polls even if my team doesn’t win.

My only hope is that everyone else will do the same. This day is crucial to everything our country stands for. Without making some sort of an effort to honor that privilege, then the decision will be made by only a percentage and not the whole and the way our state is run will not represent all the people, but only the people that voted.

In my opinion, there is no excuse not to be involved in your government. Our society is governed by the people, for the people and we are the people. It is illogical to assume that everyone else will make the right decision, be a part of the decision.

If you are not register, then get registered. It takes less time than it took me to write this assignment and it’s more important than anything else you would be doing I can assure you.

After you have educated yourself on the issues and the candidates from various sources, not just the media, then go wait in line with all the other eager voters ready to express their opinions through the ballot. You may find the experience inspiring. Look around at all the people that care about how things should be run and making this world that we have to live in together a better place. They are just like you, and me only their opinion might be different then yours. There is no one else that can cast your vote except you.

It’s only a day, but the outcome of this day will have lasting effects on our future and you should be a part of that, we all should.

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