Sewell earns All-American Honors at NCAA Nationals

This past June, graduated senior pole vaulters Jennie Sewell and Matt Adkisson competed at the NCAA Nationals in Sacramento.

Sewell capped off a dazzling athletic career at SHSU by finishing in fifth place to tie the best finish at NCAA Nationals in school history and by becoming the first SHSU pole vaulter to earn NCAA Division I All-America honors. Sewell said, “all year long, my goal was to go to Nationals and become an All-American.” Mission well accomplished, Jennie.

While Sewell admitted that she was “really scared to mess up at nationals since she had had such a good season,” Adkisson said that he was “more excited than nervous” since he had been to nationals before. Both he and Sewell cleared the required heights to advanced to the finals and possibly wrap up their Bearkat careers with a medal. Even thought it was not to be, it was a very memorable season for both vaulters.

Now that she has graduated, Sewell has opted to put the career search on hold and is training vigorously to go to the Olympic trials and hopefully reach the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Said Sewell, “the outlook isn’t very good (for making it to the 2008 Olympics), but 2012 is a goal.” If nothing else, the training she is going through will give her more experience that could possibly propel her towards the 2012 Olympics.

Adkisson is going be a grad student at SHSU and he will continue to help the track team as a grad assistant. He also plans to train to qualify for Olympics.

There is another thing that makes Jennie’s and Matt’s performances at the nationals special. As Jennie said, “I’ve always rooted for the underdog. Sam Houston State is not as well-known around the country. It proves underdogs can compete and do well.”

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