Friends with Benefits

In conjunction with the Huntsville Police Department, the Sam Houston State University iDrive Program will be working to reduce the amount of drivers operating their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

The iDrive program is a designated driver incentive program funded through the university whose primary goal is to promote the role of the designated driver in groups that consume alcohol in public.

“If a student or anybody tells a server they’re the designated driver, they receive a wristband and a bright orange cup in which they will only receive non-alcoholic beverages free of charge,” iDrive coordinator Rosanne Keathley said. “We started the program in November and it really kicked off in January.”

There are multiple benefits to participating in the iDrive program.

According to the program’s website,, “in addition to keeping your friends and others on the road safe for the night, you will get to keep your iDrive cup and you can enter into a drawing to receive bigger prizes at each bar or restaurant, such as food and concert tickets.”

Several area establishments are currently sponsoring iDrive, including Murski’s Icehouse, Fatboys Grill, Lizard’s Billiards and Grill, Zach’s Bar and Grill, Shenanigan’s and Confetti’s Beach Club, The Stardust Room Southern Pub, Freeway Liquor, Lone Star Liquor 1 & 2, D & L Liquor and the SHSU Alcohol Abuse Initiative.

For more information on the iDrive program, call (936) 294-1171.

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