The Drive-Thru

It’s after 2:00 p.m., and I have just left for lunch.

My stomach is growling. It’s last snack was a banana 4 hours ago. I drive with one thing on my mind – Chick Fil-A. My mouth is watering for their nuggets, lots of Polynesian sauce and an ice-cold root beer.

I pull up to the restaurant to find that everybody else in town had this same hankering too. The parking lot is packed and the drive-through is winding around the building.

I can’t manage the hot walk up to the counter inside without nourishment, so I secure my spot in the lazy, yet convenient drive-through line.

Waiting, I lean forward in the seat of my truck, putting my arms on the dash to make sure the cold air blows up the sleeve of my shirt. However, by leaning forward, I catch in my rear-view mirror the beginning of a situation forming directly behind me.

Two cars – a white Jeep Liberty and a smaller, dark gray Honda Civic have both arrived simultaneously behind me in line. No big deal, except that they each have come from different directions. It is instantly clear that neither one of them is willing to concede to being second behind me in line.

Moving with the line, I pull my truck forward while looking in the rear-view to see that both cars are in the middle of a power struggle. They are both moving forward – at the same time and in the same direction.

Their looks are stern and their moves are calculated. With exaggerated maneuvers, they each try to drive their vehicles in such a place that blocks out the other. With about seven cars in front of me, I wonder if one more car will make a difference. Is there some chicken nugget or waffle fry shortage I am unaware of?

I move forward again, and this time – Smack! The front fender of the diehard Jeep Liberty is now completely entangled in the innocent bumper of my Ranger.

Liberty – 1

Civic – 0

Ranger – Thanks for coming out to play; here is your consolation prize.

The gal driving the Jeep got out, sandwiched her apology with blame pointed at the other driver, all while the Honda Civic high-tailed it out of the parking lot.

A tiny battle driven by a selfish need to be one spot closer to the front of the line.

The estimate to fix the bumper on the Ranger came in at over $845.

That has to be the most expensive fast-food meal I have ever heard of.

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