Local band celebrates one-year anniversary

The 19th & St. Band – a local acoustic rock band – is celebrating its one year anniversary today with its first headlining show at The Jolly fox at 9:45 p.m.

The band consists of lead singer, harmonica player and acoustic guitarist Billy Sheely, main lead guitarist “Papa” Dan Nicoloas, rhythm/lead guitarist Brian “The Face” Case, bassist Cosmo Adams, and drummer Zakk Shanks.

The band began when Sheely and Nichols started experimenting with music in Russell Hall on 19th & Street.

Shanks joined after seeing Sheely and Nichols play one night at Kaldi’s, during the beginning of their career.

Adams, a friend of Sheely’s, and Case were the last two members to join, making the total number of 19th & St. musicians five.

“The biggest change the band has undergone is that we are actually a full band now with five full-time members,” Shanks said.

The number of members is not the only thing that has evolved over the last 12 months, however; the sound of band has also grown.

“Our sound has developed into what we have wanted it to be since the beginning,” Shanks said. “We are writing lots of new material in all different genres, not just Texas country.”

The 19th & St. Band also combines “southern rock, reggae and harmonica” to create their unique sound.

The band started its musical career in Huntsville and is thankful for all of the support in the past year.

‘The city of Huntsville has given us so much support.” Shanks said. “Our fans here have also been nothing short of amazing.”

The show will be tonight from 9:45 – 11:45 p.m. at The Jolly Fox in Huntsville.

“We put on a great live show. We offer students something to do other that sit in their dorm rooms all night.”

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