Parking for two

It has become abundantly clear that the growing student population is exceeding the campus’ parking capacity. This unfortunate fact is not something that will be quickly remedied, and idle complaining will not hasten anything. It would be more productive to find an alternative than trying to fit everyone’s vehicle on campus. Reflect on these helpful do’s and don’ts and you will find your life here at Sam, greatly improved.


Blue Stickers – if you live on campus, do your best to walk to your classes rather than drive and occupy a commuter’s spot. Be courteous to those who have to drive from off campus and will probably be walking the same distance you do anyway. Plus, you most likely will one day be living off campus.

Shuttle – at least three of the off campus apartments offer a shuttle service that is included with the rent. It is a waste of money to not use it, and will cost you more money in gas to get your car to campus. Obviously there will be some days that you will need to stay on campus past their running times and you will need to drive, but if at all possible, use the shuttle!

Carpool – surely you know friends, family or complete strangers who have a similar schedule to our own. Cut costs on gas and save parking spaces by loading as many warm bodies in your car as possible.

Walk – if at all possible, walk to campus. The summer months are not the most ideal time to start your walking habit, but when weather is more accommodating, don’t be afraid to put on your walking shoes and get up a few minutes earlier for class.


Towing – if you park on private parking, you can get towed. Be aware of where you park and whether or not you’ll get towed.

Double-parking – if you think your car is so hot that you need to occupy 2 parking spaces with it, don’t drive it to a college campus. In addition, if you are can’t successfully park in a single space you should reconsider your career in driving. Don’t be that guy/girl.

Tickets – if you park in a parking zone that does not match your sticker, you will be ticketed without remorse. UPD’s elite ticket writing force is waiting for you. And watching.

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