Go Kats Go Center

The “Go Kats Go Center,” a 42-foot trailer to be used for student recruitment, will be unveiled during the tailgate party for the season-opening football game today.

“Where we’ll really use the ‘Go Kats Go Center’ is with prospective students,” Susan Houston, an SHSU enrollment management specialist, said. “Basically, we’ll be able to use the center to reach out to kids that may not be coming to high school college nights because they think they don’t have a chance.”

The center was purchased using a $127,000 grant from the Texas Pioneer Foundation, which will also be recognized at tonight’s game.

“We put in what we thought we would need for this, including a truck and a trailer, a satellite, computers and chairs for inside,” Houston said. “We hope to build on it every year.”

Houston said prospective students utilizing the center would have access to 17 computers, satellite Internet access and televisions on which they will watch informational videos.

“We’ll be helping them fill out applications and do financial aid,” Houston said. “We’ll also be doing a thing called career cruising. By answering a few questions, they can find out what kind of jobs they would be interested in,” said Houston. “From there, they could then see what kind of education they need, and we can search what colleges are in their area that offer that degree. While we’re out there, we’re certainly going to promote Sam Houston.”

Houston said the center would help prospective students that might not know how to go about finding the money to attend college.

Also, after finding those students, Houston said the center would also enable her office to keep in contact with interested students.

“We can show them they can go to college, there is money out there for them, and the first step is as simple as filling out that application,” she said. “If they just take that first step, we can be in contact with them. We’ll also be able to talk to parents, and we’re also going to try to reach out to the middle school students so they’ll know what to plan to do in high school to get ready for college.”

The center was named through a student contest which hundreds of students participated in. The winning name for the center was submitted by Jennifer Gulliams.

“I had lots of e-mails, a lot of the ones that were repeats were ‘Kat Mobile’ and ‘Bearkat Express,'” Houston said.

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