Fly in details

To me, life is found in the details.

Being a female, I understand the importance of accessorizing. Purse, shoes, belt, and jewelry all have a massive impact on the final outcome of the look. I have also hung out with enough males to understand that there is a profound difference in the body styles of a Camaro and a Mustang. I guarantee that if you found a typographical error in this article, you would probably remember the typo over the content of the article. Life is found in the details.

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting comfortably on my brown leather sofa. My feet were tucked between the cushions and I was using a striped throw pillow to prop up my textbook. The air conditioning was set at a comfortable 74 degrees and the remote to my 48″ Panasonic television was sitting close by in order to mute the volume during commercial breaks. The comforts of life are stimulated in the details.

Everything was perfect, so perfect in fact that I dozed off somewhere after chapter two. But then a fly appeared out of nowhere. Buzzing, humming and flying from one random place to the next, touching me with its tiny little fly-body and waking me up from my relaxed, subconscious state. I knew he was taunting me; I could see it in his beady bug eyes. The frustrations of life are revealed in the details.

I have heard that, when a fly lands – whether on you or some random object – it actually throws up what it has just eaten in order to devour some more. I really don’t know if that is true or not, but either way when a fly is bustling around me, so much that it wakes me from my nap, I feel dirty and annoyed. The perceptions in life are exaggerated in the details.

Arm. Couch. Leg. Arm of Couch. Other Leg. The landing pattern of the fly made absolutely no sense. I tried to anticipate the evil terror’s next appointment, but each time I fell miserably short. I slapped my leg, my seven pound Yorkshire Terrier, his pillow, jarring him awake and immediately involving him in the plight to kill the fly. After shaking off the drowsiness, Max put on his invisible red fly-catching cape and set off to help me handle this annoyance. The relationships in life are nurtured in the details.

For 20 minutes, the two of us chased that freaking fly around my house. I had a bright orange fly swatter in hand, and Max had the ferocious growl of an irritated protector. There would be moments when we would have no clue where that perpetrator was lurking. We would stop, frozen in position. With stealth silence, Max and I waited. At the faintest sound of a hum, we’d lurch forward. Flailing about, slapping everything in sight with that orange fly- swatter we still came up on the losing end. Apparently, flies are a lot more sensitive to sound and movement than we’d ever think. The victories in life are either won or lost in the details.

Right now, as I sit at my computer to type this article, there is a faint buzz coming from the direction of the blinds in my window. If I listen closely enough, I am pretty sure that I can make out the words of a fly telling me that he is better than I am. If you will excuse me, I have a fly to annihilate. For this particular fly, his life will be ended over the details.

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