It’s never too late to learn…

School is in session and that means homework, quizzes and tests.

But before students tackle all of this, there is one subject they have yet to master – studying.

Students often find themselves distracted by minor things like music videos, the aroma of a hot pizza or the mountain of laundry piling up.

They also have not been taught how to deal with procrastination or the butterflies that come before an exam.

Beginning Monday, September 10, the Sam Center will address these issues with Series One of its Study Skills Workshop.

“Study skills are so very important,” said Dr. Bernice Strauss, Director of Academic Support Programs. “This program works if you commit.”

Strauss said there are six, 50-minute-long sessions. The sessions cover studying smart, procrastination, time management, reading textbooks, note taking, test taking strategies and stress management.

Based on evaluation sheets for the series, procrastination and test-taking were the most helpful sections.

Strauss also said that from the beginning of the semester until the end, there is a “statistically significant increase in GPA.”

The series is free for students because of the student academic advising fee – which is included in the cost of tuition.

Strauss said that in the last five years that the SAM Center has hosted the series, approximately 5,000 students have participated.

According to the Study Skills Workshop Series website, the sessions are taught by advanced students who “understand the demands of college and how to balance recreation with academics.”

Junior Blaine Ganter attended the series as a freshman. He is now a trained facilitator.

“I was not so hyped to go at first. I had no idea how to keep a schedule, ” Ganter said. “But it was a very positive experience for me.”

Now that he is a student teacher, he said that it is wise to take the series early on.

Strauss said that individual students, as well as organizations, could participate in the series. She said that the Sam Center is willing to accommodate organizations at “their own time and pleasure.”

The series begins September 10th and will run each week with the last session taking place the week of October 15th. The second Fall series will begin October 22nd.

To sign-up for a class call 294-4444 or stop by the Sam Center located in AB4 room 210.

For more information about the Study Skills Series Workshop, visit

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