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There’s no doubt in my mind that one day Apple will create something better than the brain. And they’ll release it in assorted colors, sizes and release it just in time for the holidays. That’s just how Apple rolls.

It all started with the iPod. Apple revolutionized portable entertainment with the release of a device that allowed mass storage and high quality musical playback. Then, it was the iPod photo, which was basically the iPod’s musical capabilities with more memory, and a color display. That naturally evolved into an iPod that plays video.

Apple released the new line of iPods last week. The traditional video iPod doubled in size, and the new iPod Touch was released. The iPod Touch has little memory shaped compared to its predecessors, but has a bunch of 21st century features. First off, it’s entirely operated by a touch screen. And secondly, it allows Internet surfing. The interface is the same as the iPhone, and so the iPod Touch is basically an iPhone without calling capabilities.

Why would Apple do this?

The answer is because Apple knows that entertainment/communication integration is the future. In the coming years, we’ll all have an iPhone, or something comparable.

The future is the handheld everything. And then they’ll make it smaller. And when they reach a size that almost too small, they’ll have to innovate once again.

I predict that Apple will release the first internal, all-in-one device. That’s right, the iBrain. You’ll never misplace your gadgets again, because it will be delicately placed inside of you. And the only logical place will be inside your head, because that’s where your audio and visual inputs are located.

And as a people, we like to consolidate. Why have two things that do the same thing? After many versions and upgrades to the iBrain, we will realize that Apple’s creation of the thought machine is far superior to what we were born with. We would just have to keep it updated with iTunes.

It won’t stop there.

I predict that there will be the iLimb to replace those crumby old biological arms and legs that become brittle with time, followed by the iEye. I would give my left eye to be able to watch Youtube with my right eye. So I’m positive there’s a market for this.

Some may hesitate to accept this. After all, some would see this as a direct disrespect to God. But, I’m not one of those people. God created Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs helps create Apple’s goodies, like the iBrain. Thus, faltering in surrendering your human brain for an Apple-perfected mind is actually a slight against God.

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