Dodge, duck, dip, dive and…dodge

Normally, people try to avoid situations where objects are thrown at their heads.

Twenty-seven teams of students abandoned this precaution this weekend as they participated in the first Intramural Dodgeball Tournament of the year.

Steven Wright, Assistant Director of Intramural sports, said that this is the third year Dodgeball has been an intramural sport at Sam Houston.

“I think when the movie first came out, it quickly became an intramural sport around the country,” Wright said.

Wright said that each team is guaranteed three games and the top ranked teams advance to the single elimination playoff, which will conclude with the championship games next Monday.

He said that Dodgeball games are officially based on the rules of the National Amateur Dodgeball Association. The rules, which can be found at, state that each team should be composed of six to ten people. The website also dictates rules about the equiptment and field.

According to N.A.D.A. rules, each team has six players on the court and they have five minutes to eliminate the opposing team. If players remain after five minutes, the winning team is the one with more team members still in play. If there is the same amount of players remaining, the game goes into a one-minute sudden death overtime period.

Wright said the games are played in a best-of-five format.

According to the Intramural website, Dodgeball is just one of the nontraditional activities offered by Recreational Sports. In February, students will be able to participate in a competition geared towards quizzing their sports knowledge. In April, there will be inner-tube polo. There will also be XBOX tournaments in most of the popular EA sports titles.

For more information, visit the SHSU Intramural website,

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