Dip me in orange, throw me to the cheerleaders

The Bearkat Football teams plays the Bison this week. in North Dakota. We actually won’t have a home game until October 6th. So, while we all wait here’s some tips on how you can get ready for the next home game by transforming yourself into a Bearkat Krazy.

1) Orange Acrylic Paint – You can find this paint for under $5 in the Arts and Crafts section at Wal-Mart. It’s one thing to wear an orange shirt and paint your face. It’s quite another to cover your whole top-half in orange. You’ll also need paintbrushes, which are pretty cheap as well. The best way to do this is to get together with a group of friends so you can share paint and spell out things like “GO KATS”, “EAT’EM UP”, and “PREPARE TO DIE LUMBERJACK SCUM!” (Ok, maybe that last one was a bit much, but you get the idea.)

2) Orange Wig – You can find this at the bookstore for about $10. Nothing says, “My loyalties lie with the Orange and White” quite like a head full of orange hair. And if you bang your head, it looks really cool. (You’ll just have to trust me on that.)

3) Custom Game Day Jeans – Take your oldest most ragged pair of jeans that you really don’t want to wear anymore, and use the acrylic paint to decorate it. Finding somebody that has at least some artistic talent is highly recommended.(If somebody else painted them, be sure to look over it as you wouldn’t want your back pockets to say “Kick me”)

4) School Flag – You can find the school flag at some bookstores, although supplies may vary from store to store. These run about $35 dollars a pop and is easily the most expensive game day item in your Kat Krazy inventory. The beauty of this item though is its highly visible and just about the entire stadium can spot you. (This will become obvious when somebody next to you says on their cell phone, “Whaddya mean you can see me!? I’m behind the guy with the big flag!”

5) Signage – The other cool thing you could do is just make a big sign. This could be something as simple as “GO KATS” or the classic big D and a fence. You get the idea.

6) LOUD VOICE – This is something that you cannot get at the store. You simply have to show up and decide that you are going to be so loud the other side of the stadium can hear you.

Good luck to the Kat’s this week!

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