Huntsville Film Festival

Dear SHSU students, faculty and staff:

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences along with the Department of English are proud to present a weekly program that will showcase old classic foreign films.

The series begins this Wednesday, September 26th, and will continue to run every consecutive Wednesday until December 5th, airing a total of nine films between that time frame.

This series of films will offer a different opportunity for the staff and students of Sam Houston State University to view films very seldom seen. Admission is free for the events, however it is restricted to SHSU students, faculty, staff and their guests.

All of these films will be shown in their original languages, but will be accompanied with English subtitles.

The host of the event is Dr. Ralph Pease, and all the movies that will be shown for this series come from his personal collection.

Each Wednesday there will be two screenings of each movie, one beginning at 3:30 p.m. and the other at 7:00 p.m. in Room 105 of the Evans Complex.

Prior to the start of each film, Dr. Pease will describe the context of the film, why it is an important contribution to film and other important facts pertaining to the impending film.

Dr. Pease is very experienced in this field, as well as very passionate and informed. Due to the fact that he teaches a course about Film and Literature he is very familiar with the material presented in each film, but also has a strong understanding of the significance behind each film.

Some of these black and white films that will be shown throughout the semester include “Morder Unter Uns,” a German movie about a child murderer who is purused by both the police and the underworld. “La Grande Illusion,” a French film from the 1930s about men thrown together in a WWI prisoner-of-war camp, who discover basic humanity and respect for each other.

“Det Sjunde Inseglet” a Swedish film about a knight that goes against death in a game of chess. “Shichinin No Samurai” a Japanese film from the 1950s which is regarded as “one of the best action films ever made” nearly three and a half hours long and the Russian film “Alexander Nevsky” about Russia’s 13th century ruler who saved Ruler from the Tutonic Knights and the Tarters.

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