Manhunt ends, one dead

Two inmates escaped from the Wynne Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice nearly three hours ago according to authorities.

Running over and ultimately killing a female officer in a stolen pickup truck – the inmates incited a considerable manhunt on the western side of Interstate 45 in Huntsville.

Chief Dennis A. Culak of the Sam Houston State University Police Department said police officials set up roadblocks near Wal-Mart, the Ella Smither overpass and the surrounding wooded areas.

In a mass email sent out to students, faculty and staff members at 12:16 p.m., Culak said, “there is no evidence to substantiate that the escapees are near campus. However, we request that you proceed with caution, and avoid the areas where the manhunt is being conducted.”

According to various reports, the inmates – Jerry Duane Martin, 37 and John Falk, 40 – have been apprehended.

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