Orientation program begins search for new members

Applications for the orientation recruitment program are now available to any interested students in room 144 of the Smith-Kirkley building.

If accepted to the program, students would be required to participate in spring training sessions before working part-time next summer.

“Students will need to fill out an application and turn in a completed application packet,” said Nancy Ilfrey, orientation director. “I’ll need that done by Oct. 31, and when they turn in that application they will sign up for an interview time.”

A recruitment party will be held today in the Kat Klub from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m., Ilfrey said.

“Anyone interested in becoming an Orientation Leader is welcome to attend,” she said. “We will have free food and applications available at the event.”

During the application process, Ilfrey said she will interview applicants together with Orientation Team Leaders and other office staff members.

“We do require students to have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5,” she said. “If incoming freshmen are selected we will use their fall semester GPA.”

Being an Orientation Leader entails working during the summer with incoming freshmen, Ilfrey said.

“These students are really the first students incoming freshmen connect with,” she said. “Their experience with the Orientation Leaders is their first connection to the rest of the university.”

Ilfrey said orientation leaders also play an important role with the parents of incoming students.

“The job also entails working with incoming students’ families to get them adjusted to the idea of having a student come to Sam Houston. Their job is to help them be a resource to their students.”

Ilfrey said those accepted to the program do training in spring semester for two hours a week and also go on a retreat in the spring semester.

“During the summer, Orientation Leaders work approximately 25 hours a week,” she said. “Also, it’s important to note that they can only take online summer classes, not regular summer classes, because of the orientation schedule.

“Logistically, it would be a nightmare, because they pretty much work all day on Thursday and for over half the day on Friday, so they’d end up missing two classes a week.”

Students are paid $8 an hour once summer hours start, Ilfrey said.

“I can also provide housing for anybody that wants to live on campus,” she said. “Also, in previous years, the bookstore has loaned free books to orientation leaders for next fall semester, so that basically means free books as well. There’s a lot of perks.”

Ilfrey said anyone with a lot of pride in Sam Houston State Univeristy is encouraged to apply to be an orientation leader.

“We really encourage anyone who is interested to apply, whether a freshman or an upperclassmen,” she said. “It’s good to have a team that has a lot of different kinds of students involved.”

Ilfrey said applications should be available on the organization’s Web site, http://www.shsu.edu/orientation, in the near future.

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