Viva HuntsVegas

VIVA HUNTSVEGAS! It’s about time.

With the aim of bringing a fresh perspective on life and entertainment to the Huntsville community, a group of students and community members developed an interactive Web site and podcast called Viva HuntsVegas.

Through the Web site, the creators hope to facilitate discussions about music, student life, Huntsville nightlife to problems with the SHSU campus.

“Nick came up with the concept and he posted a message on the Sam bulletin board -I answered!” Co-founder of VHV Dave LeLeux said.

VHV offers sports highlights, up to date news, interviews and artist spotlights; all with a modern twist.

“We bounced a few ideas back and forth and here we are,” LeLeux said.

Nick Pierson and Dave LeLeux are the co-founders of VHV. Don Knappenberger has become a close “partner in crime” as LeLeux put it and Andy Pondillo is the sportscaster. But none of that could be possible without the works of Rachel Mayo who is behind the scenes with the technical services.

According to LeLeux, there are many ways to get involved with VHV including dropping the group a line at

“If you really love us you can stop by and register for our forums,” LeLeux said.

While this project is the first of its kind in Huntsville, the crew admits that the show wouldn’t be possible without the students.

“We’re doing this for the students at SHSU. It’s just as much their show as it is ours,” LeLeux said.

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