Mad Brad: Late to Class

This semester, I decided that I would flip the script. In past times if I woke up 15 minutes before class, class was cancelled for the day. But this semester I have strived to try. This is the first semester that I have purchased books, studied in the library, and had 8 o’clock classes. However, last Wednesday, something weird happened with my 8 o’ clock class.

It didn’t begin at 8 a.m. It started at 8:09 when I stumbled through the door.

The night prior, I was up until 3:30 in the morning with Dr. Kenneth Chavacko and Mr. Raul Montici. We had endeavored to study for the first test in physical fitness, and we actually succeeded. I believe my problem began when Dr. Chavacko told me that the smoothies were delicious and dissuaded me from getting my necessary caffeine fix.

Though we had the same test to study for mine started at 8:09; his wasn’t until 12.

Mr. Montici wasn’t even there to study. He watched YouTube the entire time and offered no productive input. The problem with having friends like Chavacko and Montici is that none of us can stick with our plans. We spent an hour at Wal-Mart buying chip-clips and headphones, which ended our adventure at 3:00. The other mistake I made was having music that I like as my alarm. Instead of being woken up by my alarm, I began to samba in my dream in the middle of a board meeting.

I woke up at 7:49. My class is in the HKC, and I live by Wendy’s.

On this morning there was no teeth brushing. There was no face washing.

Don’t judge me, because you’re not that sanitary either. I apologize if I spoke to or touched you on said day.

I hurried out of my house up to Sam Houston Avenue. I cross it everyday and I have gotten my “corner stance” down to a science. There’s so much traffic at the crosswalk that I always think that someone I know is looking at me. So normally I lean against the nearest object, and act like I’m handling business on my cell phone, or gaze pensively into the sunrise as the street is delighted with my silhouette.

There was no time to be a cool guy on this morning. I waited on my toes for the first opportunity to dart in front of the traffic, and when I finally did, the walk signal came on. My brisk sprint turned into this awkward hop walk. My reactions failed to adjust to the change of pace, and my confidence died a little. This made no matter as I was in route to the Barnes and Noble Book Store where all of my student needs can be supplied. At least I hoped for as much, but they were out of the scantrons I needed and sell pencils in a 5-Pack. I bought the 5 pack, and the fat scantron hoping that I would be able to use it for my exam. I had already had an awkward moment for the morning and had no choice but to face another. I didn’t want be that guy who comes to class with the wrong scantron, but I didn’t want to ask someone on campus if they had one.

As fate would have it I saw a girl holding several of my scantrons and I offered to barter my 883-E version. She gave me one and told me to keep mine. I asked her what her name was and she said “Bri***” I replied, “Thank you. My name is Brad Basker.”

I forgot her name. The only thing that I can remember is that it starts with “Bri.” I get to my class at 8:09, right on time, get my exam and fly through it leaving 3 blank. I hurried to my next class so that I could write this.

I know I did well because I really did study. I am doing a lot better than I used to. I have books, and I open them. I go to class. It’s just that class should start at 8:09, Barnes & Noble needs to keep truck loads of scantrons for diligent students like myself, and cross walks shouldn’t change so fast. But I don’t think the system will change because I over slept. Maybe it’s me. I should study earlier in the day, I shouldn’t have Brazilian music for my alarm, I need to have scantrons prepared, and I should never take Dr.Chavacko’ s advice.

I am pretty sure it’s the system though. They better get to work on those crosswalks; there’s a lot of work to be done.

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