High expectations for annual 5K Raven Run

On Saturday October 20th, the SHSU Recreational Sports Department will host the 12th annual 5K Raven Run as part of this year’s Homecoming festivities. The Recreational Sports Department will also host a free 1 Mile Walk and The Bearkat Kids 1 Mile Fun Run.

“We as a recreational sports department hope to offer healthy, active events for people to come together and participate in,” Senior Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions Tina De Ases said.

Early registration for the 5K Raven Run began on September 18th and will continue until October 12th. The cost of early registrations for students and kids will be $5.00, while faculty and alumni is $7.00 and spouses are $10.00. Regular registration will cost $7.00 for students and faculty, $9.00 for alumni and $12.00 for spouses. The recreation staff said they are hoping for a big turnout this season and are offering many different ways to sign up in order to facilitate participation.

Students can register and pay at the HKC in room 162 or room 104, or visit http://www.shsu.edu/recsports. All participants will receive a free T-shirt and goodie bag on the day of the race. All proceeds of the event will go directly to the Recreational Sports Department to help finance future events.

In the past, the 5K Raven Run has attracted an average number of 30-70 participants. This year the recreation staff expects a bigger turnout due to better marketing and more advance promotion. The event has run smoothly in the past and the recreation staff expects it to run smoothly this year with the only question being the weather.

In addition to the 5K Raven Run, the recreation staff will also be hosting a free 1 Mile Walk and The Bearkat Kids 1 Mile Fun Run. The 1 Mile Walk will be available to everyone, while the Bearkat Kids Fun Run is only available to children ages 5-12.

The run will be separated into three different categories – students, faculty, and alumni – to ensure the fairness of the race.

Not only is the 5K Raven Run a great way to get exercise, but the SHSU Recreational Sports Department will be offering prizes for the top runners. The top three runners in each category of the 5K Raven Run will receive medals and the top overall male and female runners will receive a trophy and a certificate for a free 60-minute massage.

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