Is bigger better?

As a growing university, Sam Houston State has changed from what it was known as, even from just a few years ago. We, as students, are now required to meet strict standards of attendance, have more pride and involvement in our community and become, as some say, “a real university.”

The ways in which the student population has attempted these goals have obviously varied among different groups.

The Student Government Association, for one, has made strides in several ways to both improve the community and increase the student population’s involvement with it.

First, with regard to community improvements, the organization has written legislature to add crosswalks and safety measures at different, heavily populated intersections citywide. Such work should not be ignored or downplayed as it affects both students and city residents and improves life in general.

With regard to community involvement, the Student Government Association also recently organized the “Downtown Music Series” – a series of monthly concerts which will bring student music groups into the downtown area to perform in a new venue, the Old Town Theater. The first concert, held on Friday, was a success in that it brought approximately 250 people to the theater, those being both students and Huntsville residents.

The Student Government Association’s example should be followed by every organization with enough members involved to responsibly effect change.

Every fraternity, sorority, academic organization and club can look at that organization and understand what it means to really be an active part of a “real university” – or, more importantly, what it means to be part of a university in a real city with real issues that affect students daily.

A real university, after all the theorizing about policy and class sizes, is one that affects the community around it by its presence. To simply co-exist, as we have done in years past, is the antithesis of that idea; it keeps us from making the kinds of contributions that will be remembered by anyone but our parents once we have received our diplomas and left Huntsville. A real university includes students that do more than that.

Even if it means getting a job in the community and excelling at it, or becoming an active, important member of a local church, it should be the goal of Sam Houston students to make whatever difference they can in the four, or six, years that they are Bearkats.

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