An important ‘statesment’ about state’s rights

In the beginning of Bush’s presidency I was a true supporter; but I can neither comprehend nor defend his recent disgraceful behavior. Now, for the first time in the history of this country, our president has caved to the demands of the International Court of Justice (ICJ or World Court). In doing so, he has weakened our country and attempted to disregard the very system of government our country operates under.

Convicted rapist and murderer Jose Medellin is at the center of a war between the Lone Star State and the Federal government. In 1993 Medellin and four others brutally raped and murdered two teenagers.

They confessed and were convicted; two minors received life sentences; one man was executed last year, another is serving a 40-year sentence, and Jose Medellin has been on death row for 13 years. Mexico sued the United States in the ICJ for not informing Medellin of his “right” to consult with Mexican diplomats upon his arrest. The Bush administration has responded by attempting to strong arm Texas into stopping the execution and allowing for another trial, this time with Medellin receiving assistance from the Mexican Consulate.

In this country, the Federal government has no control over state’s rights. None. We have a clearly stated organization of branches and the last time I checked, a state’s right to execute was just that, a state’s right. It is this fact that the state of Texas has thrown in the face of the Federal government, as they have refused to comply with this outlandish request. Thank God someone’s still got a brain. Sadly, the Bush Administration hasn’t-they have challenged Texas on this issue in the Supreme Court.

In defense of his actions, Bush’s Administration said he does not agree with the ICJ’s interpretation of the Vienna Convention but agreed to abide by its decision because ignoring it would harm American interests abroad. American interests abroad . . . what about American interest here in America? The president has obviously lost sight of what matters here at home.

How dare he open his mouth about the execution of an illegal immigrant who confessed to two heinous crimes? He has no authority over Texas executions and one would think he’d know that having once been our governor.

Interestingly enough, while serving as our governor, Bush was confronted with this very same issue. In 1998 there was an issue concerning the rights of convicted murderer, Canadian Joseph Stanley Faulder. Except this time, Bush gave a much different answer. “We believe in swift and sure punishment, and Texans believe in the death penalty . . . If you’re a Canadian and come to our state, don’t murder anybody.” Why the change of heart? Have loyalties been forgotten, perhaps a lobotomy been performed? Where is the George W. Bush who stood for justice in America and protected our people from immigrant crime? Why has the Bush Administration chosen to acknowledge the World Court now, after having consistently ignored it in the past? As a citizen of this country I demand answers, and so should you.

On top of the fact that it violates state’s rights and weakens our country’s standing in the world by listening to the ICJ, look at what refusing to carry out Medellin’s death sentence would mean to you. Look at whom we could possibly be allowing back into our society, onto your streets.

This man clearly has no understanding of what he has done. In 1999 he posted a sort of journal entry on a website put together by the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty (CCADP). Medellin wrote, “My life is in Black & White like the old Western movies. But unlike the movies the good guys don’t always finish first.” I am seriously choking back vomit. Is he actually putting himself in the “nice guys” category? Medellin also wrote, “Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m where I’m at because I made an adolescent choice. That’s it!” He dismissively calls the violent gang rape that lasted for hours and the strangulation of two innocent young girls . . . yes; you read that right . . . “an adolescent choice.” It is precisely because of sick, amoral criminals like Jose Medellin that the death penalty is an absolute necessity. America dropped the ball by allowing him to enter the country illegally in the first place and now we’re placating to him in courts.

Our structure of government has been ignored by our very own president in order to pacify a court we have never before even acknowledged.

This particular move could permit Jose Medellin to walk the streets of America as a free man. Make no mistake; what President Bush has allowed is pure treason. Hold him accountable. Call the White House at 202-456-1414. Be heard.

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