Mad Brad: Stressing issues

Every human that has ever walked the face of this earth has and will have at least three things in common. Birth, life and death. Since I hit 21, I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating. Not so much on the birth part. I got that one out of the way over two decades ago, and I have no plans of dealing with it anytime soon. And not the death one. It’s so depressing and bores me. So all that is left is life.

We’re all born out of the womb, and our heart will one day cease beating, but that thing called life is the one that varies. How many of us can count the number of times we’ve sneezed, cried, “poopied,” yelled, or laughed?

Even our most precious moments become distant memories, and our next birthday comes sooner than we would ever expect. And then one day you’re looking up at the fan in your living room realizing that you’re 21 years old. You used to be 15 not so long ago, and soon you will be 25! I hear you’re supposed to be married, have a kid and a 401K when you reach that age. I don’t even have a girlfriend, pet or 1k!

I realized I had some work to do, but this didn’t scare me. It simply reminded me that time is not going to stop for me to breathe. All of a sudden 24 hours seems a lot shorter than it used to be, and midnight is the new nine o’ clock. It’s like time is running a race with us and either didn’t train enough or should stick to pooping. So why all this life? Nine months of labor, 70 years of living, a split second of dying. The figures are a little off.

I believe that we can’t spend too much time debating on the meaning of life or we’ll end up forgetting to live at all. “The meaning of life is to live.” There it is. Scholars close your books, people go outside. We get so wrapped up in schedules, “priorities,” and drama that we forget that one day we will be 25.

A lot of my peers that I talk to always seem have something holding them back and causing them stress. “I have so much studying.” Or “I have all these meetings.” Or “I cant believe she said that about me. I thought were friends.” Who cares! Everyone has tests, meetings, and nonsense in life. It’s meaningless that’s why there’s so much of it! What would a break be if you didn’t do any work? We’re so bound by things that we deem necessary that we make it our lives. I don’t understand how college students can have this much stress. I had more stress in high school trying to decide which school to go to than I do now.

We’re supposed to be exploring social inerworkings and making lifelong relationships, so why do we put so much on chloroplasts and mid terms. I’m not saying that school isn’t important. Do your work and study, but make time to shoot the breeze. I found myself dealing with stress about a month ago. Between going to multiple church meetings during the week, performing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, work, school, and doppelgangers, I found myself bogged down. I was certain that my red chin hairs would be the first to go grey.

The way I alleviated my stress was by making cuts. I don’t need to play open mic nights every week or go to Truth every Tuesday unless I want to. Take a night for tea and Pride and Prejudice. Go bowling. Dance your frustration to hits from the 80’s. I don’t care as long as you just take it easy, because your stress is making me stressed!

Make the difference between priorities and liabilities. Study, work out, make friends, go out and live life. If you don’t one day all of your stress is going to build up like a bubbling brew of malcontent. You’ll end up attacking some random person or animal that looks like they’re having a good day to take out all of your aggression. Face it. Either you take off your cool or go to prison.

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