Volleyball falls to 9-11 in loss at Texas A&M

With their backs against a wall, the Sam Houston State volleyball team faltered. The Bearkats traveled to Texas A&M Tuesday night with the weight of a three-game losing streak on their shoulders, which they added to by picking up a loss to the Aggies in G. Rollie White Coliseum in three sets, 30-15 30-17 30-17.

In front of a crowd of 1,234 boisterous fans, the Bearkats briefly held their own in the beginning of the first set, matching the Aggies point-for-point. Yet, after tying the score at 3-3, the Bearkats fell away as Texas A&M pulled ahead for a 20-7 lead. The Bearkats were only able to muster 15 points in the first set while the Aggies broke away for the 30-15 win.

The second set resembled the first in that Texas A&M held the lead for the entire game, yet this time, Sam Houston State came up with more force on offense and prevented the Aggies from breaking away with another early lead.

After Texas A&M took the first point of the set on a kill from Darla Donaldson, the Bearkats answered with a point of their own on a kill by Brittanie Wallace, who finished the night with two kills and five digs against the Aggies. The Bearkats allowed the Aggies to go ahead with four points, two unanswered, before they were able to produce four scores to tie the game with a kill by Cynthia Yarotsky. Yet, with the score at 4-4, the Aggies riled up their offense and unleashed a 17-point scoring streak while the Bearkats came up with just four points to the Aggies offensive barrage.

After falling behind 21-8, the Bearkats found themselves in a hole they couldn’t climb out of and were forced to relinquish the 30-17 win to the Aggies for the two game lead.

When Sam Houston State returned from the locker room for the third set of the game, the Aggies sent the Bearkats on a final downward spiral as the Texas A&M players rained a rapid succession of kills on the struggling Bearkats and swept past the Bearkats for an early 10-4 lead.

After falling behind 17-6, the Sam Houston State team made a feeble attempt at a comeback, holding the Aggies to five points while surging for seven points of their own. Yet the Bearkats were unable to produce enough points to overcome the Aggies, who went on to win the final set 30-17 and shut the Bearkats down for their fourth consecutive loss within the past two weeks.

Yarotsky led Sam Houston State in kills on the night with 9, followed by Katie Phillips with 6. Megan McNamara led in assists with 15 and Megan Kuehler took top dig honors with 11. Phillips also led the team in service aces with 4.

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