More security for fewer shootings

Chaos, anger and frustration. School shootings have brought tears and forever painful memories to those who lost their loved ones, classmates and teachers. This phenomenon can’t go on much longer. Think about it: if it happened to them, then it could happen to you.

Take a look at all the school shootings that have occurred over the past years. Look at recent ones just this year; the Virginia Tech massacre in April and now the high school shooting at Success Tech in Cleveland, Ohio.

Each and every one of these horrifying incidents took away our secure sense. We should demand this security back. We shouldn’t live in a chaotic society where the laws should protect us. We all have agreed to give up some of our life, liberty and freedom in order to be protected by our government.

Every time there has been a school shooting, the media and the news will begin talking about how the offender’s life was miserable and how depressed and bullied the offender was, ignoring the important factor: that we need school security laws.

If you look around, there is security everywhere, from airport security to home security. I’m not talking about a bunch of surveillance cameras around campus or police officers just patrolling around schools.

I am proposing a strict comprehensive security law that offers an immediate and effective assistance to students and teachers in case of an emergency of that kind. For example, Texas A&M, recently issued a security service for all its students called the “maroon code.”

This code basically alerts all students in case of an emergency through a text message, which is considered a fast, effective way to alert students during class or while they are on campus. A possible solution could require police officers to patrol inside the campus, not around it. These officers also need to be armed and prepared for any kind of an emergency.

This phenomenon started back in the 1960s and seems like it is still going strong. It needs to end and it needs to end now. We graduate from our school with a lot of memories; let’s have them be pleasant memories.

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