If the square is a-rockin’

After rockin’ the square earlier this month with the Downtown Music Project, Chris Whitaker and the Sam Houston State University Student Government Association are putting the finishing touches on the next installment of the music series.

The Downtown Music Project II is set to take place November 1, 2007 at 8 p.m. at the Old Town Theatre.

“The first one was very successful,” Whitaker, president of SGA said. “It was right before Fair on the Square, but we still managed to have about 250 people come out.”

The last show consisted of a line up of alternative and rock bands but the Downtown Music Project II will have more of a soft, mellow vibe.

“It’s going to be much more relaxed than the last show,” Whitaker said. “Because it’s an acoustic set, it has a broader appeal than a rock act.”

The guitar-based line up includes The 19 Street Band, Colin De Los Santos, Brad Basker, Adam Rodgers and Tim Qualls.

“The trick is, we’re grouping them by genre,” Whitaker said. “We still expect a good turnout even though we’re going to have it the day after Halloween.”

Many of the bands playing at the concert have played with each other at other events.

“We all know each other pretty well so our chemistry is great,” De Los Santos said. “I couldn’t ask to play with a better group of guys. They each have their own talents that they bring to the stage.”

According to Whitaker, the purpose of the concert is to bring members of the campus and the community together.

“There is a myth that there is a gap between the campus and the rest of the town, but that’s not true,” Whitaker said. “This is a way for us to attract people from the community and bring them all together and show that the gap doesn’t exist. It’s not called the Sam Houston Music Project, it’s called the Downtown Music Project so we can attract everyone.”

The bands are looking forward to taking part in the music project.

“This project is amazing,” De Los Santos said. “I think it will really bring the Huntsville music scene into the limelight.”

Basker, who will be playing his set with friends Sam Fitch and Marcus Edwards, says the project gives musicians in the area an opportunity to play in a more family appropriate atmosphere.

“The people who wouldn’t come see us play at a bar or some place like that will come and watch us play at a more legitimate setting.” Basker said.

The show is expected to be recorded for a cable news show stationed in Huntsville.

“The channel is going to premiere in December but to build content, the concert is going to be recorded because, hey, that’s four hours of good quality entertainment,” Whitaker said. “There are going to be three camera crews set up so it’s going to sound just like you were watching American Idol or something. If you want to be on TV, this would be the place to be.”

Whitaker hopes to have a concert at the first of every month highlighting a different genre of music.

“We haven’t determined what genre we’ll do next,” he said. “But because December is such a short month for us and there is so much going on then, our next one probably won’t be until January.”

Where it would normally cost 300 dollars per concert to host the show in the Old Town Theatre, a contract signed with the City of Huntsville allowed the series to be held in the venue after one-100 dollar payment. The low cost allows admission for the concert to be free of charge.

“The City Council has been really supportive of this project,” Whitaker said. “If they hadn’t been on board, this could have never happened.”

For information on the music series or bands playing at Downtown Music Project II, contact Chris Whitaker at (936) 294-1938.

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