Come early, stay late, for game against Nicholls State

Welcome, Bearkat fans, to the first edition of “Sammy Speaks.” I was thinking about our upcoming game against Nicholls State last night while I was watching Emril on the Food Network and eating my ham and macaroni pizza. Mmm, food. be right back, I’m going to get a Slim Jim real fast Anyway, I realized that we owned the Colonels last year on our turf; the kind of owning that makes me hungry for more.

Getting a beating like that is like letting someone slap your mama and eat your portion of the green beans. Mmm, green sorry, I’ve gotta stop that. Anyway, they must be pretty mad from last year and looking to get some revenge.

Let’s show them that we’re not going to let that happen. Let’s let them know that there is no visitor side and that the whole stadium is ours. Let’s fill those seats and keep them orange. Another tip: chicks dig the orange! So pull out your orange bandanas, shirts, hats, underwear

If you don’t have any orange clothes, which is a sin, then here is a suggestion to remedy that.

Step one: buy a package of Starburst. Step two: put some orange Starburst in with your whites when you wash them (eat the rest), and shazaam, you’re officially oranged out. (Note: Sammy the Bearkat is not responsible for irreversible “oranging” to clothes.)

The game starts at 6 p.m., but I’m going to be eating some B-B-Q at the tail-gating in Bearkat Alley. So come early, hang with me, and let’s show the Colonels what happens when you step into Bearkat Country! This is Sammy Bearkat saying,”EAT EM’ UP KATS!”

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