The right aperture on life

When I take pictures, I tend to play a lot with the zoom button. To start, I zoom completely in to see if there is any sort of artistic flair to just one small portion of what I want to shoot.

Then, little by little, I start to zoom out scanning my viewfinder for the perfect shot. At some point, I exhaust my camera’s possibility to zoom out, and if I have not found the shot I am looking for, I repeat this process until I do.

I have no clue if that is the best photography practice, but it’s what I do.

Sometimes, I wish I had a zoom button in life. Then maybe, I would be more complacent with where I am, realizing that there is an entire universe out there, well beyond my wildest imaginations.

Right now, I am sitting in one room. If I were to apply the zoom button right now, I would see that the one room I am in is a part of one house. That one house is on a street with fifty other houses. Those fifty houses sit in a neighborhood of about 1,000 houses. That neighborhood is only one of hundreds of neighborhoods in the city. The city is surrounded by countless other cities that make up the great state of Texas. Texas, as we all know, is a part of the 50 states that make up the beautiful country of America.

Are you tracking with me? When we zoom out of the tiny place we are in, we see that there is so much more to this country, to life and to ourselves.

My dog absolutely loves to go for a walk. Like many other dogs, he knows the words “walk” and “check the mail,” and if we happen to mention them in his presence, he tilts his head, does circles around the living room and stands by the front door.

But every time we go for a walk, my dog hardly ever gets past the front yard. There is an entire neighborhood out there with parks to sniff, mailboxes to pee on and yards to run in, but he stays in our yard until I drag him further down the street. You know, if he knew the vast world that awaits him, would he get hung up on the small yard he’s in now?

To personalize this, I start a new internship this week. I am very excited, but have the usual anxieties, too. Will I be good enough to handle the job? Will I be able to complete the tasks? What exactly did I put on my resume to make them hire me?

All these questions flooded my mind this past week. I was obsessing over my creativity, my work ethic, my abilities, all the way down to my wardrobe! What would I wear the first day? The second? I was totally zoomed in on the tiny details that I did not take the time to read more about the company or read more about my duties until a small cram session at the end of the week. I can’t tell you more about the company, but I can tell what was on sale at Old Navy. Man, did I miss the point here. I was too zoomed in.

Sure, I know that the test you have is a big one – and you should study – but zoom out and see that in twenty years, that test will mean nothing to you.

Zoom out and see that while you have a minor meltdown about choosing the “perfect” outfit, there is a whole universe spinning filled with divine beauty.

I agree that you are in a very stressful situation, and I in no way make light of that. But while you work to better it, zoom out to see that there is a future to focus on, filled with hope and love.

Take a moment to zoom out and see that your life, this day, is only a tiny, tiny mark in the world. Be yourself and leave your imprint, but take a moment to zoom out and appreciate the vastness in this life.

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