If I could be like Mike..Part II

Who the hell is Kevin Michael?

This was a question that I have been asked several times since last week’s album review. Last Friday, not only did I have the pleasure of conducting a phone interview with Michael, but also went to his show with Maroon 5.

Michael called me and I felt the Philly-Neo Soul fill up the Houstonian Office. Though his conversation was with a journalist, Michael chatted just like we were pals. We talked about everything from private schools to his album.

“I can’t take credit. The points that I want to make just happen. When I’m wiring or in recording mode, I don’t like to think about anything actually,” said Michael.

A big theme in his music is “One Love.” While in Sweden, Michael realized the humanity of the world.

“It’s about coming together not on something corny, not some ‘We are the world’ mess.” Michael said. “At the end of the day we all have the same problems.

Michael was very humble on his perspectives of music and his career. He grew up in a house that was full of funk and soul music, but after the 7th grade he branched out spherically.

“I’m not doing anything that any other person can’t do. I’m not a genius. I’m not a prodigy. I’ve been blessed to know my entire life what I want to do.”

When he heard that I was unable to get a ticket to the show he offered to put me on the guest list. I gladly accepted for the sake of journalism.

When I arrived at the Toyota Center fans had just began to pile in when Michael took the stage. This had no bearing on Michael’s intensity as a performer. Backed by a DJ and guitarist Akil, Michael performed as if he was headlining the show. His performance displayed not only his range as a vocalist but his stage presence.

His hair swayed like the breeze to the trees and some of the female concert-goers were pleased to find that they were getting more eye candy than Adam Levine and the Gang.

After the set I went to where Micheal was signing autographs for the new Kevin Michael Lover converts. He asked me to stay around for a little bit.

While I waited I watched as the Toyota Center security got enraged because Michael refused to turn down the fans requests to take pictures. Things got even more tense when Drunk soccer moms mistook me for him. But amidst the turmoil I overheard a conversation between Michael and a mature couple. The woman told him that she really enjoyed his song “We all want the same things” because it was inspirational to her.

So who is Kevin Michael? He’s an upcoming artist that opened for one of the biggest bands on the planet last Friday. He sang like his notes would be his last, and loves his fans. He’s just like you and me. Courtesy Photo

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