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October 15, 2007

Fall season has officially started, but to my great dismay fall fashion has not-at least not in Texas. Any hope of temperatures reaching a low of 60 degrees as promised by our local weather meteorologists was dismissed when I was forced to run inside and change from jeans and a long sleeved button-down back into something cooler. It is still over 80 degrees, with sunshine. As “Vogue,” “InStyle,” “Harper’s Bazaar” and “Elle” magazine publish this season’s hottest trends, I am saddened that us Southern Belles of fashion are unable to comply. We are still wearing shorts, mini skirts, tank tops and sunblock! It might not be until Thanksgiving break that we even get a chance to wear the latest fashion. However, the weather has not diminished my excitement to wear long scarves, skinny jeans, leggings, tights, boots and pea coats. So, until the temperatures drop below 70, leggings, boots and excessive layers are not in this week’s forecast.

October 16, 2007

The weather has left us baffled as to what we should wear. In the morning you are overwhelmed by the cold breeze. However, by the time you get out of class, you have worked up a sweat just walking to your car. Welcome to Texas, where picking out your wardrobe becomes a challenge. The solution to this semi-fashion crisis-layers. Layering an outfit allows you to begin your outfit with a tank top or a light camisole and then add a cardigan. Don’t forget to pack a twill caplet, or even one in plaid! ‘Plaid’ is all the rage, but keep it minimal because it is a print that can seem overwhelming. As for shoes, the best choice is definitely flats. Flats are fashionable, no matter what the temperature is outside. They are warm enough for cooler days, light enough for sweltering days, and oh-so comfy for our college campus hills!

October 18, 2007

Fall fashion requires more than the digits to your Visa Platinum. This season is all about courage-courage to wear tights under shorts, to wear striped nautical blazers over a silk baby-doll dress, and fuzzy hats with pearls. How about wearing a black motorcycle jacket with pearls? Don’t be intimidated. This season we are mixing and matching pieces from all decades and all styles. I feel safe to say you can probably pull dresses and jewelry out of your closet that you haven’t thought about wearing for years, and you will probably be the chicest woman on campus. The Sam Houston sidewalks are your catwalk. Be daring.

October 20, 2007

No outfit is complete without great accessories. This fall, be on the look out for silver. That does not mean only on your jewelry, but also add silver to your shoes, belts and purses. Bows are also a great way to feminize any ensemble. Not only can bows be worn on headbands, but you will also find them on shoes and blouses as well. To complete your look, the hottest jewelry is a must. Vintage-inspired jewelry can look great with almost any outfit. And you can’t go wrong with pearls, for a more sophisticated look. However, malachite is the stone of the fall season. The history of malachite, a green, lavish stone found in necklaces, rings and bracelets, can be traced back to czars of Russia. Last but not least, don’t forget to wear your watch! Designers have given telling time a whole new meaning. The most elegant watches have square heads in white.

October 21, 2007

Finally, cold fronts are moving through southern Texas. It is time to pull out the ol’ winter coats. This season, fashion is all about staying warm and cozy. Statement coats, motorcycle jackets, arm knits and fur trimmed suede coats are giving outfits the finishing touches. With the forecast predicting lows in the 50’s this week, make sure you have the look. Look for bright colors, even in leather motorcycle jackets. And of course, trench coats continue to give your look a mysterious and dramatic look, and work on all body shapes.

Pilar Perez

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