No need to see ‘Saw’

When a line like “If it’s Halloweenit must be Saw” is in the trailer for “Saw IV,” they are getting to the point of just making fun of themselves. I am sure that most people out there were thinking “Not another one.” Let’s face it, “Saw” is the Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street for a new generation.

As long as people love a good thrill and are willing to spend money, Hollywood will keep feeding it to us.

In this fourth installment we start off with Jigsaw dead on the table and his apprentice Amanda dead from the third one. The big question being asked is who is setting the traps now? When Detective Kerry (from Saw II&III) is found dead, two FBI agents, Agent Strahm (Scott Patterson) and Agent Perez (Athena Karkanis), step in to help find the new accomplice to Jigsaw’s traps.

The real torture begins when Commander Riggs (Lyriq Bent) is captured and thrown into one of Jigsaw’s games. He has ninety minutes to make a choice of saving his own or saving those he comes across. As the movie progresses they dig deeper into the evil roots of Jigsaw’s beginnings and unravel his plans.

If you enjoy grizzly gory violence than this movie is for you. It was by far not a great film, but it wasn’t a complete waste of time. It was defiantly better than their attempt at a third “Saw,” but nothing can compare to the original. If anything, this latest sequel has given a little juice back into the series. Director Darren Bousman used very interesting transitions from scene to scene, that may or may not confuse you, but Jigsaw’s new games will keep you in suspense.

The special effects will not have you questioning whether the games are possible or not, they did a very good job on them. There were a few scares throughout; nothing that will make you wet yourself.

Halloween time movies are never as scary as they used to be but some say that “Saw” is more of a thriller than a horror. No performances by any actor in this film are worth mentioning, they were all mediocre. All in all, it was basically an hour and a half preview for “Saw V” that will leave you asking how long will this go on?

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