On stage: the anything but ‘Upright’ Citizens Brigade

Four-letter words apparently found a home in Huntsville Tuesday night – at least as far as Sam Houston students are concerned.

Proof of this was the performance of the Upright Citizens Brigade, who brought their act to the Lowman Student Center as a part of Program Council’s “PC Guide Week.”

Surprisingly, the catalyst that warmed up comics and loosened up the crowd was found in four-letter words. They dirtied the show up with liberal servings of at least four of the seven words you can’t say on television.

“I think cursing really helped them break the ice,” audience member Derrick Hall said. “I didn’t expect to hear that kind of language at a university- sponsored event.”

The show was not completely raunchy. Instead, the five comedians navigated through complex comedic situations inspired by a few audience members’ first-hand accounts of Huntsville.

In perhaps the most popular skit, the actors likened a Texas execution to a televised sporting event. The audience laughed too hard to realize that the joke was on them. The skit was inspired by a moment earlier in the show when, to the amazement of the actors, 75 percent of the crowd hooted and hollered in favor of the death penalty.

The comedians managed to fill the show with generalized concepts and conversations, yet the troupe improvised the entire show. Even more impressive than their improvisation, was their ability to continually rework jokes and themes from other skits into the whole show. While the show was made up of many unrelated skits, the actors managed to mold the skits into a complete story.

“Those guys are really talented,” senior Kyle Segler said. “It was good to see something that stimulated my brain and made me laugh.”

Program Council’s next event is “MTV: Making the Video.” This activity will be held Thursday, Nov. 8 at 10 a.m. in the LSC Atrium.

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