SHSU students take bass through time warp

On Monday, Nov.12, Stephen Martin and Gaven Krase held a Double Bass Recital to showcase the music they had been working on throughout the semester.

Students attending experienced a wide variety of music from the Baroque era to the 20th century to Jazz.

“The turnout was great,” Martin said. “A recital is such a wonderful opportunity to explore the true artistry on an instrument.”

With the help of their bass professor, Deborah Dunham, music majors Martin and Krase were able to put together a recital that would take the double bass through a time warp.

“The best part of the performance was sharing the music we played with all of our guests,” Martin said.

Accompanied by Rolethial McKelvey and Chai Wai Liu, Martin and Krase took their music to the next level with piano and various double bass instruments.

“I think we did really well considering the fact that we did a five hour recording session before our recital without any real time to relax before,” Martin said. “We got done with the session, got dinner, a shower, then a 45-minute warm up, then played 30 minutes of music each, memorized, and then a jazz duo at the end.”

Advertised on Facebook and throughout campus, the Double Bass Recital expected many guests to attend the event.

“Everyone loved our performances,” Martin said. “I think it is a shock to hear double bass players play so musically on such a large instrument.”

Martin and Krase are expected to release a DVD and CD of their music in three weeks. For more information, contact Martin at

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